Elite Incentive: The Collar Belt System


Introducing our exclusive Elite incentive: the collar belt system, designed to honour the remarkable achievements of both you and your furry companion, not only during the program but also as you continue your journey together.

This innovative system evaluates performance across three crucial behavioural domains:

Engagement, Loose Lead walking, and Recall.

Each level of the collar belt system signifies a milestone in your partnership’s development, from laying the groundwork to mastering essential skills. Whether you’re just starting out or have reached the pinnacle of proficiency, there’s a place for every team on this rewarding path.

Join us as we celebrate the dedication and progress of our Elite participants, showcasing the power of teamwork and commitment in achieving canine excellence.

Elite Incentives: The White Collar

The white collar, marking the inaugural step into our Elite program, signifies a foundational stage in your journey with your dog. To earn the esteemed white collar, dog owners should demonstrate a commitment to building a strong bond and understanding with their reactive dog.

At this entry level, achievements may include:

  1. Engagement: Consistent efforts to establish positive interactions and communication with your dog, fostering a sense of connection and attentiveness.
  2. Loose Lead Walking: Beginning to master the basics of walking on a loose lead, showing progress in teaching your dog to walk calmly and comfortably by your side.
  3. Recall: Working towards establishing reliable recall skills, practicing techniques to ensure your dog responds promptly when called, even in mildly distracting environments.

While the white collar marks the beginning of your Elite journey, it reflects the dedication and potential for growth that you and your dog possess.

Together, you’re laying the groundwork for future achievements and a deeper partnership built on mutual trust and understanding.

Elite Incentives: The Yellow Collar

As you and your canine companion progress to the next stage of our collar belt system, the yellow collar represents a pivotal moment where precision begins to become paramount. At this level, we’ll be delving deeper into refining your teamwork and enhancing your dog’s skills with greater accuracy and finesse.

To earn the esteemed yellow collar, dog owners should aim to achieve the following milestones:

  1. Engagement: Strengthening the bond between you and your dog through heightened focus and responsiveness in more distracting environments. Your dog should demonstrate increased attentiveness to commands and cues, showing a willingness to engage in training activities with enthusiasm and concentration.
  2. Loose Lead Walking: Mastering the art of loose lead walking with enhanced precision. Your dog should exhibit improved control and consistency in maintaining a relaxed pace by your side, demonstrating refined lead manners and a heightened awareness of your movements.
  3. Recall: Elevating recall skills to achieve greater reliability and responsiveness in various environments and scenarios. Your dog should demonstrate a heightened ability to promptly return to you when called, even amidst distractions, showcasing improved focus and obedience.

As you strive for the yellow collar, you need to continue to embrace the journey of consistent improvement and further precision. Together, you and your dog are refining your skills and deepening your connection, paving the way for even greater achievements ahead in our Elite program.

Elite Incentives: The Blue Stripes

Advancing to the prestigious blue stripes stage of our collar belt system marks a significant leap in both the complexity of training and the independence of your canine companion.

Here, we embark on challenges that require a higher level of skill and understanding, often demanding more time and dedication to master. As your partnership matures, your dog should exhibit a remarkable degree of autonomy, needing significantly less guidance to make sound decisions.

To earn the distinguished blue stripes, both you and your dog should strive to achieve the following:

  1. Increased Difficulty: Embracing training tasks of heightened complexity and sophistication. From intricate obedience commands to advanced behavioural exercises, you’ll tackle challenges that push the boundaries of your skills and knowledge. Expect to engage in activities that require nuanced communication and problem-solving, fostering a deeper level of understanding between you and your dog.
  2. Extended Training Duration: Recognising that mastery takes time, you’ll commit to training sessions that are longer and more intensive, covering multiple exercises. With patience and perseverance, you’ll refine techniques and behaviours over extended periods, ensuring thorough comprehension and proficiency.
  3. Greater Independence: Witnessing your dog’s ability to make informed decisions with minimal guidance. As your partner’s confidence and competence grow, you’ll observe a remarkable self-assurance in navigating training tasks and real-life situations, demonstrating a level of autonomy that reflects your collective journey and accomplishments.

Embrace the challenges and rewards of the blue stripes stage, knowing that each hurdle overcome strengthens your bond and elevates your partnership to new heights of excellence. Together, you’re mastering the art of communication, trust, and teamwork, forging a partnership that shines brightly in our Elite program.

Elite Incentives: The Blue Collar

Entering the esteemed realm of the blue collar stage in our collar belt system and this signifies a commitment to pursuing precision and perfection in every aspect of your partnership with your dog.

Here, we elevate our standards and aim for excellence across the board, honing our skills to achieve mastery in engagement, higher obedience heeling, and recall.

As you embark on this journey towards perfection, strive to attain the following milestones:

  1. Enhanced Engagement: Elevating the level of engagement between you and your dog to new heights and around masses more, distractions. Focus on cultivating a deep connection characterised by unwavering attention, responsiveness, and mutual understanding. Your dog should demonstrate a heightened eagerness to participate in training activities and maintain consistent engagement, fostering a bond that transcends mere obedience and they can do so both on and off the lead, where ever you place them.
  2. Higher Obedience Heeling: Refining the art of obedience heeling with meticulous attention to detail. Focus on achieving flawless execution of the entire heeling exercises, with your dog walking precisely by your side in perfect synchronisation. Emphasise proper positioning, pace, and responsiveness to commands, striving for a seamless and harmonious partnership in motion.
  3. Recall Excellence: Pursuing recall excellence with unwavering reliability and responsiveness. Your dog should demonstrate a near-perfect ability to heed your call, regardless of distractions or challenges. Aim for instantaneous and enthusiastic responses, showcasing a mastery of recall that reflects the depth of your bond and the strength of your training partnership.

As you embark on the quest for perfection with the blue collar stage, remember that each step towards mastery is a testament to your dedication, perseverance, and the extraordinary bond you share.

Together, you’re not only achieving excellence but also setting the standard for canine partnership and performance in our Elite program.

Elite Incentives: The Black Collar

As you transcend into the pinnacle of achievement with the black collar, you epitomise the epitome of excellence in your partnership with your loyal companion.

Having honed your skills to perfection, you now embody flawless behaviour across every facet of engagement, obedience heeling, and recall. Your journey toward mastery has been one of unwavering dedication and relentless pursuit of perfection.

Yet, even as you reach this zenith, the adventure continues, with each step forward marking a new chapter in your shared odyssey.

  1. Unparalleled Engagement: Your bond with your dog transcends ordinary connection, reaching unprecedented levels of mutual understanding and harmony. Every interaction is marked by unwavering attention, seamless communication, and a profound sense of unity, wherever you are. Your dog’s eagerness to engage in training activities reflects the depth of your partnership, fostering a bond that defies expectation.
  2. Flawless Obedience Heeling: The art of obedience heeling has become second nature, with every step a testament to your precision and finesse, you can switch them on and off. Your dog walks by your side with impeccable synchronisation, executing commands with effortless grace and fluidity. Proper positioning, pace, and responsiveness are not merely goals but ingrained qualities that define your seamless partnership in motion.
  3. Recall Mastery: Recall is no longer a skill to be mastered but a reflexive response ingrained in your dog’s very being. Regardless of distractions or challenges, your dog’s ability to heed your call is flawless and often unnecessary, reflecting a level of reliability and trust that transcends expectation. Instantaneous and enthusiastic responses underscore the depth of your bond and the strength of your shared journey.

As you don the coveted black collar, know that your accomplishments serve as a beacon of inspiration for all who aspire to greatness in our Elite program.

Your dedication, perseverance, and unwavering commitment to excellence set the standard for canine partnership and performance. Yet, even amidst the pinnacle of achievement, the journey continues, with each moment a testament to the enduring bond between you and your four-legged companion.

Together, you’re not just achieving greatness—you’re redefining what’s possible in the world of canine excellence.