6 Week Training Challenge

Calm Canine, Confidence: The Challenge

Improve Your Dog’s Reactive Behaviour in Just 6 Weeks!

Are you tired of stressful walks with your reactive dog?

Do you long for peaceful strolls without the constant worry of unexpected outbursts?

If so, our 6-Week Reactive Dog Training Challenge is perfect for you!

Conducted via WhatsApp, this challenge is designed to provide you with daily tasks, weekly study topics, and personalised support, helping you achieve your dog walking goals.

How It Works

Daily Tasks: Every day, (Monday to Friday) you’ll receive a specific task aimed at addressing different aspects of reactivity.

These tasks will be practical and easy to follow, ensuring that you can fit them into your daily routine.

From desensitisation exercises to lead training, each task will build on the previous day’s work to create a comprehensive training regimen.

Weekly Study Topics: Each week, we’ll also dive into a new topic, providing you with the knowledge and skills needed to understand and manage your dog’s behaviour.

Topics will include, understanding canine body language, the principles of reinforcement, effective communication techniques and more. These weekly lessons will be shared through video tutorials, articles, and Q&A sessions.

Tracking Progress

To keep you on track and motivated, we’ll use the following methods to monitor your progress:

  1. Daily Check-ins: At the end of each day, you’ll be asked to provide a brief update on your task completion and any observations about your dog’s behaviour.

  2. Weekly Progress Reports: Every week, you’ll complete a short weekly wins report and share your progress and successes. This will help us fine-tune your training plan and provide additional support where needed.

  3. Video Submissions: Throughout the challenge, you’ll be encouraged to submit short videos of your training sessions. These will then be reviewed and provide feedback on your techniques and needed improvements.

You’ll be able to ask as many questions as you like, share your progress, and receive feedback directly through WhatsApp, ensuring that you get the most out of your training efforts.

Motivation and Rewards

Keeping participants motivated is a key aspect of our challenge. Here’s how we’ll ensure you stay engaged and committed:

  1. Group Support: You’ll be part of a WhatsApp group with other dog owners facing similar challenges. Sharing experiences and encouraging each other will create a supportive community.

  2. Milestone Badges: As you achieve certain milestones, you’ll receive virtual badges to celebrate your progress. These badges can be shared within the group and on social media.

  3. End of Challenge Goals and Prizes

    By the end of the 6-week challenge, our goal is for you to have a calmer, more manageable dog, making walks a pleasant experience for both of you.

    To celebrate your hard work and achievements, we’ll be awarding prizes to the top two challengers based on their progress, engagement, and overall improvement.

Join Us Today!

Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your reactive dog into a manageable, well-behaved companion.

Sign up for our 6-Week Dog Training Challenge and take the first step towards stress-free walks and a happier relationship with your furry friend.

Once we begin, you will have to wait until Autumn for the next one, so don’t delay and join now to achieve those dog walking goals together, ready for the rest of summer!

Before the Challenge: I was at my wit’s end with Max, my 3-year-old German Shepherd. Walks were a nightmare due to his reactivity and constant barking at other dogs and people. I felt so embarrassed and stressed, which made our outings more of a chore than a joy.

During the Challenge: The “Calm Confidence” challenge was a game-changer for us. The daily tasks were manageable and easy to incorporate into our routine. I loved the weekly study topics that gave me a deeper understanding of Max’s behaviour and the personalised support was invaluable, their feedback on my videos helped me fine-tune my techniques and stay motivated to the end.

After the Challenge: By the end of the six weeks, Max was like a different dog. He responded better to my commands, stayed calm around his triggers, and our walks became way more enjoyable again. The support from the WhatsApp group also made me feel less alone in this journey.

Highlight: The structured approach and the incremental challenges made a huge difference. Plus, winning second place, was the cherry on top!

Recommendation: I highly recommend this challenge to anyone struggling with a reactive dog. It’s a comprehensive, supportive, and effective program that truly delivers results. Thank you for helping Max and me find our peace and joy in walking together again!