Finding Balance: Navigating Responsibilities Without Overcommitment

I’m here today and openly acknowledging my recent absence from our regular updates and emails.

Time has been flying by, and I’ve found myself caught in a whirlwind of tasks, each day. In the whirlwind of managing five dogs, running a business, attending training sessions, updating my knowledge studying, and occasionally taking on part-time work in the kitchen, I’ve been diligently working to create a routine that allows me to juggle my responsibilities, without feeling overwhelmed.

One thing I’ve realised by stripping things back is that repetition is key, for existing tasks to cement and make this routine work for everybody in my household.

I can’t deny getting lost in who had, had what in terms of training or daily outings, because I was worrying about other things that just weren’t that important.

By prioritising the essentials and steering clear of overcommitment, I’ve found myself navigating through my responsibilities, without feeling bogged down.
While it’s been remarkable and well needed on my end, I realise it might appear slow or repetitive from your perspective, seeing me consistently engaged in similar tasks, or not bringing any new content to the table.

As I strive to strike a balance between productivity and well-being, the journey has revealed more for me in the way of self-discovery and adaptation, because it’s allowed me to think more clearly.

The fast-paced nature of life nowadays can often lead to overwhelming stress and strain, affecting many, and I include myself in that.

By stepping back and reassessing, I’ve discovered that by narrowing my focus to what truly matters – primarily ensuring the exercise and well-being of my dogs and attending to my clients’ needs – I’ve been able to breathe and take better care of myself too, alleviating some of the constant pressure of balancing numerous tasks.

What I’ve also been reminded of when working in this way is how much better my in person connections have been.

Creating a sustainable rhythm that allows me to stay connected and engaged with all of you, in a much more meaningful way means that I’m going to be able to start showing up a bit more for you and I wanted to do a proper catch up of what’s been going on, in our little bubble of balance.

It’s mostly about dogs and training, so if you’re still in need of some help with your dogs, I promise to pack it full of value and share my learned experiences with you over the coming days.

If you’ve moved on or aren’t interested anymore, that’s totally fine, just leave quietly, we’ll part ways and I’ll bid you farewell.

For those who are staying, you’ve probably noticed by now the new name change and website for the business.

I felt Reactive Dog Training was more appropriate for me, moving forwards because… well, I’ll share more of that for you in the next blog post 😉

Speak soon,
Claire Lawrence
Head Dog Trainer for Reactive Dogs

P.s. If you have a topic you’d like me to cover or a story you would like to share, feel free to email me and share your experiences.