Lesson 11: Scent Cocktails!


Join us for an immersive lesson on scent discrimination and the innovative concept of canine scent cocktails. This session delves into focusing on how dogs can distinguish and locate specific scents amidst a myriad of odours.

Participants will explore advanced techniques for scent discrimination and learn how to create customised scent cocktails to enhance their training endeavours.

Embark on a journey to master the following key aspects:

  1. Developing Discrimination Skills: Learn systematic approaches and progressive training methods to cultivate dogs’ ability to discriminate between different scents, building upon their natural instincts and honing their scenting proficiency.
  2. Creating Canine Scent Cocktails: Explore the concept of scent cocktails, where multiple scents are combined to create a unique olfactory experience for the dog. Discover how to strategically blend scents to enhance the target odour and challenge the dog’s discrimination skills effectively.
  3. Training Protocols and Techniques: Dive into practical training protocols and techniques for implementing scent discrimination exercises using canine scent cocktails. Learn how to set up training scenarios, gradually increase complexity, and reinforce successful scent identification.
  4. Customisation and Progression: Discover strategies for advancing the training progression and maintaining engagement over time.

By the conclusion of the lesson, you will emerge equipped with practical skills and innovative techniques for leveraging scent discrimination and canine scent cocktails in their training repertoire.

Whether aiming to excel in scent detection tasks or enhance behaviour modification efforts, this session offers a transformative approach to harnessing the power of smell for targeted training success.

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