Lesson 12: Inaccesible Hides



In scent detection work, challenges often arise when target odours are concealed in inaccessible or challenging locations. This session explores advanced techniques and strategies for overcoming such obstacles, empowering handlers and their canine partners to excel in even the most demanding scent detection scenarios.

During this lesson, participants will delve into the following key topics:

  1. Understanding Inaccessible Hides: Explore the concept of inaccessible hides and the unique challenges they pose in scent detection tasks. Learn about common scenarios where hides may be concealed in inaccessible locations, such as high altitudes, tight spaces, or buried underground.
  2. Advanced Search Techniques: Discover specialised search techniques and methodologies tailored for locating inaccessible hides. From vertical searches to scent pooling and residual odour detection, explore innovative approaches to navigate complex environments and pinpoint hidden targets.
  3. Equipment and Tools: Familiarise yourself with essential equipment and tools used in detecting inaccessible hides, including specialised search aids and elevated platforms. Learn how to leverage equipment effectively to enhance search capabilities and maximise success rates.
  4. Handler Communication and Coordination: Understand the importance of clear communication and coordination between handlers and canine partners during scent detection missions. Learn strategies for effectively guiding and directing the dog to inaccessible hides, optimising teamwork and efficiency in challenging scenarios.
  5. Problem-Solving and Adaptability: Develop problem-solving skills and adaptability to overcome unforeseen challenges encountered during scent detection operations.
  6. Training and Preparation: Gain insights into training protocols and preparation strategies for building proficiency in locating inaccessible hides. Learn how to gradually introduce challenges and simulate realistic scenarios in training sessions to ensure readiness for real-world deployments.

By the conclusion of the lesson, participants will emerge equipped with advanced techniques, strategies, and practical insights to effectively locate inaccessible hides in scent detection roles.

Mastering inaccessible hides is essential for achieving success and maximising the impact of scent detection teams.

Please note this lesson will be updated to include much more details. In the meantime, please ask if you’re struggling with anything, in the Facebook group. 

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