Elite Incentives: The Blue Stripes


Advancing to the prestigious blue stripes stage of our collar belt system marks a significant leap in both the complexity of training and the independence of your canine companion.

Here, we embark on challenges that require a higher level of skill and understanding, often demanding more time and dedication to master. As your partnership matures, your dog should exhibit a remarkable degree of autonomy, needing significantly less guidance to make sound decisions.

To earn the distinguished blue stripes, both you and your dog should strive to achieve the following:

  1. Increased Difficulty: Embracing training tasks of heightened complexity and sophistication. From intricate obedience commands to advanced behavioural exercises, you’ll tackle challenges that push the boundaries of your skills and knowledge. Expect to engage in activities that require nuanced communication and problem-solving, fostering a deeper level of understanding between you and your dog.
  2. Extended Training Duration: Recognising that mastery takes time, you’ll commit to training sessions that are longer and more intensive, covering multiple exercises. With patience and perseverance, you’ll refine techniques and behaviours over extended periods, ensuring thorough comprehension and proficiency.
  3. Greater Independence: Witnessing your dog’s ability to make informed decisions with minimal guidance. As your partner’s confidence and competence grow, you’ll observe a remarkable self-assurance in navigating training tasks and real-life situations, demonstrating a level of autonomy that reflects your collective journey and accomplishments.

Embrace the challenges and rewards of the blue stripes stage, knowing that each hurdle overcome strengthens your bond and elevates your partnership to new heights of excellence. Together, you’re mastering the art of communication, trust, and teamwork, forging a partnership that shines brightly in our Elite program.