Elite Incentives: The White Collar


The white collar, marking the inaugural step into our Elite program, signifies a foundational stage in your journey with your dog. To earn the esteemed white collar, dog owners should demonstrate a commitment to building a strong bond and understanding with their reactive dog.

At this entry level, achievements may include:

  1. Engagement: Consistent efforts to establish positive interactions and communication with your dog, fostering a sense of connection and attentiveness.
  2. Loose Lead Walking: Beginning to master the basics of walking on a loose lead, showing progress in teaching your dog to walk calmly and comfortably by your side.
  3. Recall: Working towards establishing reliable recall skills, practicing techniques to ensure your dog responds promptly when called, even in mildly distracting environments.

While the white collar marks the beginning of your Elite journey, it reflects the dedication and potential for growth that you and your dog possess.

Together, you’re laying the groundwork for future achievements and a deeper partnership built on mutual trust and understanding.