Elite Incentives: The Yellow Collar


As you and your canine companion progress to the next stage of our collar belt system, the yellow collar represents a pivotal moment where precision begins to become paramount. At this level, we’ll be delving deeper into refining your teamwork and enhancing your dog’s skills with greater accuracy and finesse.

To earn the esteemed yellow collar, dog owners should aim to achieve the following milestones:

  1. Engagement: Strengthening the bond between you and your dog through heightened focus and responsiveness in more distracting environments. Your dog should demonstrate increased attentiveness to commands and cues, showing a willingness to engage in training activities with enthusiasm and concentration.
  2. Loose Lead Walking: Mastering the art of loose lead walking with enhanced precision. Your dog should exhibit improved control and consistency in maintaining a relaxed pace by your side, demonstrating refined lead manners and a heightened awareness of your movements.
  3. Recall: Elevating recall skills to achieve greater reliability and responsiveness in various environments and scenarios. Your dog should demonstrate a heightened ability to promptly return to you when called, even amidst distractions, showcasing improved focus and obedience.

As you strive for the yellow collar, you need to continue to embrace the journey of consistent improvement and further precision. Together, you and your dog are refining your skills and deepening your connection, paving the way for even greater achievements ahead in our Elite program.